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Do you want to know what types of packing you need for your move?

Packing is one of the most important parts of a move, and an essential part of ensuring the success of your removal. Not only does it protect our belongings, but it also makes transportation easier, ensuring a quick and safe move.

So, the key is to use the right material of good quality.

If you can’t get it, or you are not confident you can do it properly, the easiest thing to do is to hire a professional removal service, as they will provide you with special boxes and materials for each type of furniture and the necessary space to transport all your belongings safely.

Here are the 4 essential materials for a safe move:

This is the main and indispensable moving material to start organizing everything you want to move. Even so, for convenience, we recommend that you choose the right size and quantity, as your house will be a jumble of things, so it is best to have just the right amount of things. In addition, we also recommend that you pay attention to the material, as it depends on its solidity, which will protect your belongings much more.

The adhesive tape will be used to seal the boxes containing our belongings, so it is very important that it is thick and of good quality. This way we will avoid unnecessary bad surprises.

It is a great ally for wrapping all delicate objects that can easily break. They come in different sizes, so you will have to choose the one that best suits your needs.

This material will give us the extra layer of protection we need. We can use the foam to seal boxes containing more delicate objects, and in this way ensure that there are no gaps inside the box that would allow the objects to move around, as they could break.

It is always much better to invest a little more if it ensures a good result.

That is why it is always a good option to hire a removal service such as CosFreight that offers packing services so that you don’t have to worry about anything, as the removal company has all the necessary materials for a safe and reliable move.

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Google Reviews

Lewis Dene
Lewis Dene
I recently had to move a very large record collection from London across the Atlantic to Houston, TX and Cos Freight truly stepped up to make the "ordeal" of international shipping a really easy and straightforward one. Zayn Ahmad, their Move Coordinator, went above and beyond to help with the complex paperwork and kept me in the loop from their initial quote to the completed delivery. Highly professional, proactive and competitively priced, I was extremely happy with my experience and will use them again should the need arise.
Thanks Paula for being responsive on replying my queries. Easy, quick and flexible. Cos Freight - Great company, great people I've recently used the service, 2 men came to flat and in less than three hours all the boxes and furniture were inside our new apartment. Those 2 men were extremely polite and worked in a clean and organised way.
I am happy I found them and would really recommend to friends and family. The whole process what smooth and easy to follow
Thank you! I guess no move can be hassle-free but this was about as hassle-free as it gets! From the start all was great. Zayn, who came to visit in the first place, was excellent: explained the whole process very clearly and delivered exactly what he said would be delivered! Might not sound like much but in today’s world it’s often not the case. So, a big thank you to him and all the rest of the team who carried the same ‘only over-deliver’ ethos with them at all times and took so much of the stress away! Would I use Cos again? Absolutely 100% I would!
Richard Armah
Richard Armah
An excellent service provided by an extremely well organised, well run team. From Zayn the main and initial contact to the fantastic team who co-ordinated and executed a seamless move for us. The team leader on the day, Matteu was impeccable in his orchestration of the operation and made sure all our belongings were safe and well protected. A huge thanks to all of you, well done.
Raisa Sonic
Raisa Sonic
Absolutely amazing experience with this company, starting with Zayn who would be always very responsive and finishing with the team of three musketeers Matei Ciprian Ovidiu who went above and beyond to help with the move. I am super impressed by their professionalism! I would hire them in a heartbeat and will always reach out to them if I need help with a move.
Paige Vandenbroeck
Paige Vandenbroeck
Amazing company. Arrived on time. We lived in a flat but that was no issue for them. Packed everything with care and was very careful down the narrow hallways. Even when putting everything into storage they were quick but careful. I would 100% recommend to everyone.
Sol Bhandari
Sol Bhandari
Moving home is stressful at the best of times, but Cos Freight made sure the actual move was one less thing to worry about. From the moment Zayn came to assess the move, he made us feel everything would be in control and nothing was too much trouble. He was always reachable in case of questions, and even followed up post-move to ensure we were happy with the service. The whole team, from Paula in the office to James and Alex on the packing/move days, were courteous and efficient. I would certainly recommend Cos Freight to anyone requiring a removals company.
Christina McElhinney
Christina McElhinney
Cosfreight were extremely helpful and reassuring throughout my entire moving experience, and also offered a clearance service which they booked in as conveniently before my move as possible dealing with some problematic clearance items with the minimum of fuss. Prior to this Lawrence, who booked my services, had made a survey visit to assess the moving requirements and was cheerful and helpful throughout and always promptly responded to any email queries I had later on. The move itself was carried out by four very cheerful, friendly and helpful movers all of whom were as professional as you could hope for and who remained upbeat and positive despite a delay in receiving new house keys and moving a considerable amount of furniture in cold conditions. I would not hesitate to recommend Cosfreight to friends and family.
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson
Huge thank you to Cos Freight for helping me move across the country with my 6 month old baby last month! Zayn was fantastic throughout the process and supported me with numerous date changes. The removal team were absolutely phenomenal, they worked incredibly hard, were extremely efficient and took great care of all my things. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CosFreight and will definitely use them again in future.
Tomasz Rykała
Tomasz Rykała
Good price, timely service, quick move. Recommended.

How a removal company works


It is always best to make sure when you are packing all of your goods, they are packed safe & securely for the journey!


We then collect all of your belongings on the agreed date, and our professional, friendly team will safely load up the van!


Once everything has been loaded, we will deliver all of your belongings to your new destination safe and securely!

Why Us?

We could go into a lot of detail about how and why, but we will only give you 4 reasons why you should choose CosFreight services.

You save time

Removals can take up to weeks, and even longer if you are inexperienced in removals. Having to do everything yourself wastes a lot of time, on the other hand,  CosFreight can do it all in much less time.

It is safer

It is much safer, both to ensure that the furniture and belongings you move arrive at their destination correctly, and for the security and peace of mind that nothing arrives damaged.

Suitable material

We, the removal company, have the necessary materials to ensure that there are no incidents. With CosFreight, if you need to take high-value objects to your new home, we have the necessary material to ensure you don't commit any imprudence.

Professional team

Our team, with extensive experience in removals sector, whose priority is to provide excellent customer service and ensure the security and protection of your belongings. Our attentive and experienced removal staff will take care of your belongings as if they were their own property.

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