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If you have decided about relocating to America or are returning to your home, then Cos Freight is well positioned to help with your move. Planning on moving to USA from UK is a trickling decision so you have to associate yourself with the best moving company. United States in recent has become one of the preferred moving destinations from United Kingdom, allowing a whole new experience in life without compromises on quality.

Whether you are moving to America from the UK for work or for family and personal reasons, one of the most important things is to ensure your belongings are being handled in the correct manner and as per the timeframes agreed. At Cos Freight we make moving to the USA from the UK a beautiful experience for all our customers.

Cos Freight- Your Finest Approach to Moving Overseas

Moving abroad is something that should be planned properly. Our team at Cos Freight are dynamic, engaging and experienced move coordinators all making sure that you have all the information you need to effectively complete your move. So that moving to USA from UK is no trouble at all!

Our foremost priority is to provide safe, secure and timely relocation of your belongings, whilst removing any anxiety in the process. Our service starts from the very first ‘Hello!’ Your dedicated move coordinator makes it their priority to understand every aspect of the physical move, your personal requirements and budgets to tailor a moving service which fulfils all the requirements to complete your move door-to-door with simplicity and accuracy.

To complete your move to USA, there are two main modes of transport, sea freight and air freight. We would advise you on best routes dependent on your service volumes, urgency and requirements that would have been discussed with your coordinator.

Sea Freight moving to America from UK assistance

Talking about the most economical way of getting your household shipped from the UK to the US is via sea freight. However, when we consider the time it takes for shipping, it is much slower than air freight. So, if you have sufficient time for your removals to get arrived at your end location, then we would recommend you opt for our sea freight packages.

Here Are the Options We Offer to You When You Use Sea Freight-

  • Groupage or shared container - This method is considered to be the most economical method of shipping if you have a home moving volume that does not demand use of a full load container. Also, it is a great method that you can use to ship your large number of furniture pieces. This method allows general flexibility, and you only pay your own move volume rather than an entire container. Groupage containers only exit their terminal once they have been completed filled meaning they generally ship every 2-4 weeks depending on location. Transit times to East Coast USA are around 4-6 weeks whilst shipping to West Coast USA can be around 6-10 weeks.
    We are going to be providing you a great deal while you are moving to USA from UK.
  • Full container load - This method of sea freight is recommended if you are moving the complete content of your home or have a specific moving deadline to receive your belongings at destination. Full load containers usually come in 20ft and 40ft variants. A two or moderately furnished three-bedroom home can normally fit in to a 20ft container with the latter being for full furnished three-bedroom homes and larger. Full container loads leave UK port weekly with set transit times to different ports, meaning you will not wait on a groupage container to be filled prior to exit.
    Full load containers also offer extended security, fewer handling points of your belongings and a speedier transit.
  •  Air Freight - Although this method of shipping goods from the UK to the US is comparatively costly, it is an excellent way for those who want their possessions to get shipped in a lesser time. Air freight services exit daily from UK and have an expected door to door transit of between 3-7 workings days. Air freight services for moving to America from UK is recommended for more smaller quantities where only a few pieces are being transported, or albeit belongings which need to be delivered as quickly as possible.

Whichever method is recommended for your removal to USA you can be assured it would be the most cost-effective and carefully selected method to perfectly complement your move.

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