Office Removals
People say that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do, but moving office has to be worse! When you move house, people expect things to be a bit disorganized for a few days or even weeks. When you move office, everything has to be up, working and ready to go the next working day. That is why office removals are a specialised job and why if you are considering an office relocation, you should talk to Atlantic International.
At Atlantic we are experts in commercial removals. We know how vitally important it is to your business that your business relocation goes well and that everyone knows where they are working and that no productivity is lost by moving business premises.

Internal Office Relocation is a Part of Modern Business Life
These days many companies are constantly restructuring, streamlining or expanding which leads to a high number of internal and external office moves. Atlantic International we are experienced in helping companies to manage office relocation both within their current building and to new business locations.

An office move within the building can be just has stressful to manage as a complete business relocation. Staff can find it hard to arrange to move their offices and that is where a dedicated office removals firm can make a real difference to your business and productivity.

We take the time to come in and talk to you and your staff to find out exactly what we need to know about your office move. Our Business Move Co-ordinator will arrange a meeting with your staff to map out the important details of your move and make sure everyone knows where they will be working when the office relocation is complete.

Business Relocation within the UK
If your company is moving to different premises in the same town or elsewhere within the UK we can offer you a smooth and efficient office relocation service.

Our Business Move Co-ordinator will liaise closely with you to work out exactly what you need from this office move. We will find out where each member of staff needs to go and what equipment, documents and files need to be moved and to where. We can even arrange the parking facilities for you at your new location. Once we are clear we understand the requirements of your office move, we will provide you with written agreement of the services we will be providing and a removal quote based on the resources, manpower and equipment we will need to perform this commercial removal.
Plus we will appoint a project manager who will be available on your premises throughout the entire office relocation. We will help you prepare your staff for the office move, let them know where they will be moving to and provide them with the stickers and removal codes to put on their personal belongings, files and equipment to help us help them.

If you choose Atlantic International for your office relocation, your business will be up and running again as normal the next working day.

Moving Business Overseas
As experts with over thirty years experience in arranging international commercial removals, Atlantic International can help you to with business relocation overseas. We are experts in international shipping and as part of the Atlantic International Group we are linked to over 300 respected removal firms all over the world along with our own in-house dedicated branches in selected countries worldwide.

We can also offer assistance with employee relocation. We can arrange the move, pack your employee’s belongings and arrange for a door-to-door international removal service so your employee can just concentrate on their job and doesn’t have to worry about moving home.